Frequently Asked Questions

Dear application users!
Please do not ask your questions in iTunes reviews - there is no ability to answer or contact you.
Please send your questions to
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Is it possible to use application if I'm not in Ukraine?
At the moment allows access to media content only to Ukrainian users. For other countries only access to "EX-Files" service is allowed.
You can try to use some of ukrainian proxy servers but possibly download speed will not be enough to watch movies online.
When content will be available from Russia (and other countries)?
Content access is allowed/denied by and it doesn't depend on EX Plus application. You should follow this question directly to the administration (
Is it possible to download files?
No, at the moment. This feature will be possibly added in the new versions.
How to watch movies on my AppleTV using AirPlay?
It is not possible to directly stream video of non-supported formats (like mkv, avi, flv) to your AppleTV. But you still can use "mirroring" feature to watch them.
At the moment "mirroring" is supported by following Apple devices - iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad 2/3/4, iPod Touch 5gen. Please read "mirroring" activation manual at the Apple website.

For other devices (iPad 1, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 2/3/4gen) AirPlay video streaming is only possible for native formats (mov, mp4, 3gp, m4v) by using built-in QuickTime video player. You just need to enable "Use QuickTime" option in the application Settings.
How to choose video quality?
From the version 2.1 the downsampled converted copy of video file is played by default (when you press Play button or choose "Play video" from context menu).
To watch original (non-downsampled) quality video use "Choose server" menu item.
How to change the language when browsing media library?
Language selector is at the bottom under categories list of corresponding media library section (check screenshots).
There is continuous buffering while watching a video. Why?
Different servers have different non-predictable download speed. Please try to search to find other copy of desired video file to watch (maybe of lower resolution).
If you want to watch video file in one of native formats (mov, mp4, 3gp, m4v) try to use built-in QuickTime player by activating "Use QuickTime" option in application Settings.
Why video is freezing or not synchronized with the sound?
EX Plus at the moment doesn't support hardware acceleration for decoding video files of non-native formats (like mkv, avi, flv). So likely your device performance is not enough for software decoding and smooth playback of desired file. Please try to search to find other copy of desired video file to watch (maybe of lower resolution).
Also to watch native video formats (mov, mp4, 3gp, m4v) you can use built-in QuickTime player with hardware acceleration by activating "Use QuickTime" option in application Settings.
Why radio is broken?
EX Plus uses radio streams given by So likely the stream you are trying to listen is broken by some reason - please try to play that stream from the website directly (look in "Audio - Radio"). If it is broken there - please follow your questions to administration (
How to continue video playback from the place where it was stopped?
Enable "Remember position" option in application Settings (available in version 2.1+).
Please note that "Remember position" will have no effect for playing native video formats (mov, mp4, 3gp, m4v) with built-in QuickTime player (when "Use QuickTime" option is enabled).
Application crashes. What to do?
Please take into consideration that it's very hard to quickly find and fix all the possible bugs for one developer. Please send the detailed description to reproduce your crash to Do not forget to indicate your device type and iOS version. I will try to debug and fix your issue in the next versions.
What is "Use QuickTime" option for?
When it is enabled the built-in QuickTime player will be used for playing native video formats (mov, mp4, 3gp, m4v).
Pros: hardware acceleration and AirPlay streaming is supported.
Cons: "Remember position" option will not work.
What is "Old TV mode" option for?
When using tv-out cable to connect you device to TV it is possible that video image will overlap the visible area on the old TV models. To avoid such effect enable "Old TV mode" (video frame will be reduced by 20%).
How to get the link to website content page?
On the content page (for example, movie) press "Share" button, then "More" and then "Copy" from the actions list (check screenshot). Website link is copied to clipboard.
Why I can't install your app from AppStore?
Please check you current iOS version. EX Plus can be installed only on iOS versions 4.3 and newer.
How to support developer by making a donation?
Apple doesn't allow to use in-app purchases for making direct donations within applications.
But you can make a donation by using many popular online payment systems. Thanks for you support :)
Where to find the version changes log?
It is available at what's new page.